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5 Best 4 Channel Amps you can Trace in the Market Today

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Making a mistake in selection of a good amp for your sound system may cost you time and money. As if that is not enough, buying the wrong amp could lead to damage of rest of your system’s parts. With the wrong amp, chances of your speaker blowing up or under performing are high. On the contrary, having the right amp will earn you quality sound and volume levels of your choice. Evidently, an amp offers you a good music life, but an amp that matches your standards offers you a better and safer music life. This is why there is a list of the cream in terms of 4 channel amps down this article to guide you through the world of greatness, musically.

Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 Punch BRT 300-Watt Ultra Compact 4-Channel Amplifier

With this Rockford brand, you are home and dry in terms of great and consistent music.


1. Besides being a four-channeled amplifier, this of the best 4 channel amp is 75 watts in strength with 4 ohms RMS power ratings and its total RMS watts are 300.

2. It has the best design for your stereo or rare speakers that require less space as it is just 1.53 by 4.25 by 6.75 inches.

3. Another of its appealing features is the fact that it has 4-6 volt variations for the sake of your high and low inputs.

4. It also offers you complete control through its high-level DC offset knobs. The product comes along with one year limited warranty.

BOSS AUDIO R1004 Riot 400-Watt Full Range, Class A/B 2-8 Ohm Stable 4 Channel Amplifier

Another awesome product is this new Boss Audio brand, which has all the greatness you need to nourish in just a single package.


1. Its power is greater than that of the Rockford brand it has a total of 400 watts and 75 watts for each of the 4 channels.

2. It has 4 RMS each 2 ohms with the 75 watts, but 4 RMS each 4 ohms with the selection of 38 watts.

3. There is integration of full range options into A and B. With this special brand, you are offered an opportunity to utilize the high and low level inputs.

4. You also get to enjoy the 6 platinum dealer warranty.

Planet Audio AC800.4 ANARCHY 800-Watt Full Range Class A/B 2 to 8 Ohm Stable 4 Channel Amplifier

This is another of the best 4 channel amp with precisely focused manufacturers, who’s business is to cater for your exact needs in the most amazing and innovative ways possible.


1. This confession has been particularly observed through this strong piece with 800 watts of maximum power.

2. It also has 4 channels, 150 watts of 4 RMS each with 2 ohms and 75 watts of 4 RMS each 4 ohms.

3. In addition, there are 2 RMS bridged with 4 ohms.

4. Just like every other amp, this piece has high and low level inputs.

5. It also has a high crossover that is fixed, a variable low pass crossover, and a variable bass boost. It also a 6 years platinum dealer warranty.

Pioneer GM-D8604 Class FD 4-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier

Pioneer is another brand that has been greatly serving customers in the market for a long period.


1. It has taken the lead over the above products in terms of power, as it has 1200 watts.

2. The design of this product is compatible with versatile installation options.

3. This exclusive is a rescue for many customers in the market, as customer reviews depict that customers are offended by the fact that installation becomes a hectic process.

4. The sound produced by this amp is high quality and efficient. The product also has 1 to 8--load impedance allowance.

Planet Audio AC800.4 ANARCHY 800-Watt Full Range Class A/B 2 to 8 Ohm Stable 4 Channel Amplifier

The platinum has also managed to provide one of the best 4-channel amps through this product, which has maximum power of 800 watts.


1. The 4 channels are divided into 150 watts with 4 RMS each 2 ohms, 75 watts with 4 RMS each 4 ohms and a bridge of 300 watts with 2 RMS bridged each 4 ohms.

2. It also consists of full range class A/B and a MOSFET power supply.

3. It also has a division of high and low inputs.

4. Just like the pioneer, it has fixed high pass crossover, a variable low pass and variable bass boost. The manufacturer offers 6-year platinum dealer warranty.


With the above product details, you have the capacity to choose the product with features of your choice. It is advisable to consider the compatibility of your system parts with the amp of your choice. Purchasing an amp that works greatly with the capacity of your speaker, for example, helps you to explore all music levels without experiencing poor sound qualities. An overpowered speaker will definitely produce poor quality of base, while a sufficiently powered sub-woofer will definitely produce clear base sounds. Also, consider the sizes and designs to ensure you will have an easy time through the installation process.

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